This’ll get me a cease and desist letter from Apple, I’ll bet…

My pMachine Hosting deal costs about the same per month as Apple’s own .Mac service. I really want to be able to recommend .Mac for Mac users, but like many of Apple’s own apps—iPhoto in particular—the limits of .Mac are at complete odds with its benefits.

Compare this demonstration .Mac site to my own and see what I mean.

Of course, .Mac also has many, many benefits for the Macintosh user, like synching addresses, calendars and web bookmarks between multiple computers, plus 250 megabytes of online storage built-in to the desktop OS.

But with 2004 being the year of the blog and all, Apple needs to make its .Mac web page templates a bit more useful, like having them generate an RSS feed at the very least!

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?

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  1. Okay, I’ll come clean… The only reason I have this stupid .Mac account is to get an iChat screen name for the iSight camera I’ll hopefully be getting for Christmas, which I’m planning to use for a little experiment in the new year.

    But I need help: Have any Mac users out there ever used their iSight camera to have a video chat with a Windows user? Vice versa? If you have, what software is needed on the Windows side?

    Your input may help make internet history!

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