All I Want for Boxing Day


… Is for you, my faithful reader, to consider making a donation to help out the victims of the tsunami that struck South East Asia while many of us were tooth-picking bits of Christmas turkey out from between our teeth.

Remember the global brotherhood I was babbling about in my previous post? Well, here’s your chance to prove your part of the family!

Giving aid is as easy as clicking right here. I’ll get the ball rolling at $250, an advance on some dirty money I’ll be making next month. Now I’m not necessarily expecting everyone to cough up as much, but if every Canadian citizen handed over the minimum donation of $5, The Red Cross would have an extra $155 million to do their important work.

So who’s with me?


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4 Responses to All I Want for Boxing Day

  1. I have no idea if this source is reliable or not, but apparently film star Jet Li and family are among the missing:

    Can anyone corroborate this?

  2. Jenn says:

    Thankfully you’re not alone in your generosity. Just about everyone I’ve spoken too this week has already donated, not *going* to donate, but people who’ve already put their money where their mouth is. Everyone in my family wound up donating individually before asking the others if they did the same. I hope that the giving continues.

  3. Tracey says:

    I made a donation to The Red Cross last night. Our government will match every donation for five specific charities…I know that The Red Cross is at the top of the list. Let’s hope that our money gets to the more remote villages where it is needed the most.

    Sometimes at this time of year we need a reminder of how much we actually have. Please give what you can.

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