A Pirate No More?


I tried a little experiment yesterday after hearing some particularly, uh… “dope trax” on my favourite urban music internet radio station, I decided to download some music using both Apple’s new Canadian iTunes Music Store and my usual P2P software.

I’ll cut to the chase here; Apple won hands-down. Nevermind that I had to wade through the usual junk files to find what I wanted on P2P, the Canadian iTunes store had exactly what I wanted, available for me to audition in real time. And at less than a buck for a higher-quality audio file with embedded artwork, downloaded music from iTMS is practically a steal!

What iTMS doesn’t have is the depth and breadth of files available on P2P, but it does have hip-hop with uncensored lyrics!

Music purchased from iTMS isn’t delivered as an MP3, but rather an AAC file. This means that the iPod is the only portable music player you can use iTMS music with, but you can still burn as many regular audio CDs as you like. As an Apple fanboy, I gotta be honest here; the iPod doesn’t really fit in with my lifestyle. I do have one, but it’s been sitting in a drawer since I don’t know when. I’ve used my iPod in the gym on occasion, but prefer to watch news on the TV that’s already there. I’ve also tried using my iPod in the car on long trips, but both the FM transmitter and cassette adapter I bought were crap. My next car (if I can afford one) will probably have a built-in MP3 player, but for now I’m quite content burning audio CDs.

And the jury’s still out on iTMS gift certificates—I purchased one as a Christmas gift for Jack Mosshammer, who, thinking it was spam from Apple, trashed it. According to some legalese on Apple Canada’s site, the lost certificate can neither be replaced nor refunded.

I did recover an order number, though, and am waiting to see if that’ll work… Jack?


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  1. Ok, so I heard back from Jack (who’s apparently too shy to post here)—the order number I gave him doesn’t work, which means that my hundred-dollar gift has gone done the toilet…

    Ok, maybe not quite that much, but Jack will never know, right…?

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