If you don’t hear from me again after today’s post, it’ll likely be because I’ve been sued by Apple, and I wouldn’t be the first, either!

At noon tomorrow (Toronto time) Apple CEO Steve Jobs will take the stage at MacWorld Expo for his annual keynote address. Usually, Apple fanboys around the world huddle close to their precious Macs to watch the keynote live, in a tiny low-res QuickTime window that usually has to reconnect multiple times during the hour-plus event.

This year, however, Apple has put the kibosh on simulcasting the keynote, which is making the fanboy hysteria even worse. “Leaked” product info is popping up all over the ‘net, including these exclusive photos of a banner. Yep, you heard me—a friggin’ banner, for chrissakes!

The photo above, however, is part of a collection that’s actually worthy of the hype. Prior to the appearance of these photos there were murmurs of a Headless iMac, made and sold without a display to lure thrifty Windows and iPod users to the Mac experience.

But a podcast and post on YourMacLife.com speculates that this is actually Apple’s new living room media centre, a set-top box that can show photos, play music & video and record from the TV onto its built-in hard drive, using free program listings available from .Mac.

Kind of a nifty theory… And remember, even with less than sixteen hours to go, you heard it here first!


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2 responses to “iHome?!”

  1. iAC:

    From what I saw on the Apple website today, they’ve released the Mini Mac, a 15cm x 15cm CPU that will sell for about $700 Cdn. Looks like they’re taking on the Dells and clones with this one.


  2. I still like my idea better. 😉

    One the other hand, maybe one of these li’l guys can replace the virus-ridden Dell in my dad’s old room that my brothers are afraid to touch…

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