CTV is America’s Bitch


So it seems that CTV is bumping one of Canada’s most popular shows to make room for some dreck from the States. If anyone ever thought that Canadian broadcasters could care less about home-grown content, now you know better.

Actually, I should exempt CBC from that judgement, for the moment at least—they’ve been pretty good lately at putting familiar faces on the small screen. Their latest effort features MuchMusic turncoat George Stroumboulopoulos in a youth-oriented news show; it certainly wasn’t bad, but I wonder if the same effect couldn’t have been acheived by having Peter Mansbridge start every sentence of his newscast with the words: “Dude, check it…”

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. AC:
    Sadder than CTV shoving aside one of the best Canadian sitcoms ever for Made in the U.S.A. programming is that Canadian viewers prefer American drek over Canadian quality. Sure, Canadians have been inflicted with enough bad home-grown stuff over the years, but there are a lot of decent shows on the air now that relate directly to Canadians rather than parts of the east and west coasts of the U.S. Unfortunately, the advertisers want the big numbers, and big numbers of Canadians watch Americans humiliate themselves on TV. Say, isn’t there a Canadian show that does that, too?


  2. One of my weekly routines is the watching Corner Gas. I watch about 2 hours of TV a week, Amazing Race and Corner Gas are most of it and this network decided that this mindless dribble is more important. The big problem is I tape these shows because I’m rarely around when they’re on, and now I have a tape full of people wanting to be the next William Hung. I hate CTV more because the way they seem to priorities their shows. They put up adds all over their network for shows like Corner Gas, but when something “cooler” is available they just throw it away.

  3. Brings to mind the moment last August when I found myself in front of the offices of the Bertelsmann Music Group in Frankfurt, Germany… My first instinct was to fire-bomb the place :->

  4. Oh, well…
    Corner Gas sucks! I Hated every microsecond of 30 yrs. of living in that God forsaken “province” [is it even STILL a province?]
    It takes attention away from truly legit CDN shows like TPB!

  5. Corner Gas is the most boring, predictable and unfunny show I have ever had to suffer through. Even the highlights they run for promotional commercials are awful. For people to actually compare this drivel to something as brilliant as Seinfeld or Frasier is beyond comprehension. But hey…that’s Canada, a country where Don Cherry is considered a cultural icon.

  6. Hiya Jim,

    Thanks for your comment… It’s true that most Canadian programming doesn’t compare favourably to similar shows from the States; the reason I think is because we don’t have the resources to compete. In my mind the only way Canadian TV is going to get significantly better is with more funding =and= stiffer Canadian content regulations.

    It worked for our music industry, right?

  7. Corner Gas Sucks. I have tried watching the show at least ten times, but IT SUCKS!! It’s like listening to a bunch of different versions of my dad, trying to be funny. I realize it is rumoured to be the best selling Canadian comedy ever, but IT SUCKS!!! Brent Butt is a funny stand up, but this show doesn’t work. I can tell you the main reason, other than most of the actors are not very good comedic actors, NO ONE EVER PLAYS THE “STRAIGHT MAN”. Every f’n person is throwing out oneliners, desperately trying for a laugh; it’s f’n painful. This show is an embarrassment to Canadian comedy – so what if they won a Canadian comedy award – they don’t compete with anyone, except “This Hour…”(which is brilliant), and “Air Farce” (the worst piece of crap to ever float across the airways – 0 because of their terrible cast), and there are enough awards invented to go around. I say boo.

  8. i’ll agree this hour is pretty funny but I am being pretty generous, canadian t v sucks unless it has too do with documentarys or news, Corner gas is the worst by far, brent butt is a lame idiot, I wont even comment on this show, its about as funny as the sound my turd makes when splashing in the toilet, trailor park boys was funny for maybe 2 seasons and now sucks,

    canadian tv??? wtf are you people stupid, its one thing to have pride in home grown talent that makes it to the big’s like mike myers and jim carey, but you are stupid to think any canadian show can compare with any of the heavy weigts, i.e Sienfeld, Curb your enthusiasm, ali g, reno 911, its not f.ucking rocket science!!!

  9. Should we just stop trying, then?

    Given the high international regard for our documentaries and children’s programming, should we throw in the towel on everything else except hockey, or should the CRTC step in and stop letting Canadian networks make easy advertising money off of simulcast shows from the US?

    Me, I’ll take what’s behind Door #2…

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