My First Podcast


More a proof of concept, really, but let me know what you think. You can load and listen to the MP3 file directly here, and/or load this address into your Podcast aggregator… Enjoy!


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Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?
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8 Responses to My First Podcast

  1. Tracey says:

    I particularly enjoyed the sound of the typewriters, your CBC radio-esque delivery and the musical sting bookending your report.

    Will this be a daily Podcast…?

  2. Chris says:

    Hey it sounds great! Let me know if you want another voice, I’d love to try something out. I can get you and exclusive with the Candy Critic.

  3. Tracey, I’m not quite that prolific… Yet. If you need a daily Podcast may I humbly suggest this:


    And Chris (plus anyone else who’s interested), to participate in those Podcast debates I was talking about you need to download Skype, a VoIP app:

  4. Jenn says:

    AC, that rocked! I look forward to hearing more of them in the future. Also, count me in among those interested in participating, specifically if you plan on covering hockey or gaming ^_^

  5. The plan is this: Jack Mosshammer and I are on deck for the first Podcast debate, “Mac vs. PC”, moderated by Al Howell. When that’s done I’ll post it here (duh!) to show you the format and get your feedback.

    Future debates might include:

    “M&Ms vs. Smarties”
    “Air hockey vs. all other kinds”
    “Snake vs. all other games”
    “Treo vs. hiptop”
    “Yahoo! vs. Hotmail”
    “Coffee vs. Tea”

    … And so on. I should warn you all that these things will probably degenerate into petty shouting matches—that’s the plan, anyway!

  6. Ed Miller says:


    Do you mean to say that future Podcasts won’t include updates about Andrew Currie?


    PS: Pretty funny newscast!

  7. Chris says:

    If I remember correctly the Big Turk debate got pretty heated. We may need a fairly large moderator.

  8. chris rockwell says:

    Damn, I wished my poops sounded that good!
    Thanks for pimping the site..

    Chris Rockwell
    The Daily Download
    -listen to me poop

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