Destina-tion Unknown


The new year has brought some big changes to Destina. It used to be my only destination for booking flights online; now it no longer supports the Macintosh’s built-in web browser—even worse, when you search for a flight the only results you get are those offered by Air Canada or their Star Alliance partners.

So I’m curious; for any fellow Canucks who have ever booked a flight online, where’d you do it at?


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  1. Ed Miller says:


    Back in 2000, when you could still carry box cutters onto a plane, I booked through Travelocity. I have never booked a flight since, but I still get their spam, uh, promotional e-mails every week without fail.


  2. Thanks, Ed… I gave it a try, but the only test results I got were the base full fares, along with the rules for booking—not much in the way of value there!

  3. Lord Wat says:

  4. Lord whut? 😉 gives me the same results as—that is, full base fares. seems to get better deals, but they’re in US dollars—have you actually booked something there for travel from Canada?

  5. Lord Wat says:


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