Destina-tion Unknown


The new year has brought some big changes to Destina. It used to be my only destination for booking flights online; now it no longer supports the Macintosh’s built-in web browser—even worse, when you search for a flight the only results you get are those offered by Air Canada or their Star Alliance partners.

So I’m curious; for any fellow Canucks who have ever booked a flight online, where’d you do it at?


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  1. AC:

    Back in 2000, when you could still carry box cutters onto a plane, I booked through Travelocity. I have never booked a flight since, but I still get their spam, uh, promotional e-mails every week without fail.


  2. Thanks, Ed… I gave it a try, but the only test results I got were the base full fares, along with the rules for booking—not much in the way of value there!

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