An Albert Howell Weekend


Al Howell, seen here at Radio Shack with his Christmas ad playing behind him, has all but got a lock on local cinema screens this weekend.

Starting tonight you can see him in Don McKellar’s Child Star, and if you can get yourself out of bed before noon on Sunday you can catch a free screening of Plain Brown Rapper, a short film he’s co-starring in with Shaun Majumder, at 11:20am in The Varsity‘s Cinema 2.


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4 responses to “An Albert Howell Weekend”

  1. AC:

    Just to complete the Albert Howell Weekend, you can also pick up Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle and see Albert’s appearance as a dedicated security guard.


  2. Since you mentioned it (Harold & Kumar), it’s noteworthy that 3 of the stars of Plain Brown Rapper were also in Harold & Kumar: Shaun Majumder, Albert Howell, and Errol Sitahal.

    So I guess Plain Brown Rapper is the unsequel sequel: Harold & Kumar Part 2.

    What’s even stranger? The 3 Plain Brown Rapper stars are also listed in exact order in the Harold & Kumar credits. Check for yourself at

    and be sure to watch Plain Brown Rapper on CBC on Tuesday March 22 at 11:25pm.

    Or watch it online after that at

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