Here’s Hoping…


Thanks to everyone who thought of me earlier today. I also got a very sweet, very concerned voice mail this morning hoping my mystery post wasn’t related to a medical emergency. Rest assured, Tracey, I don’t have butt cancer or anything like that!

What I did have from 4-5pm today was an honest-to-goodness screen test over at G4techTV Canada, for a new gadgets show that’s going into production next month. I went before the studio cameras on the set of Call for Help, hosted by Leo Laporte (pictured above). Leo wasn’t there but I got to meet the most of the staff and crew, who—unlike the folks running your typical cattle-call for Leon’s—were class acts all the way.

For the first part of my on-air audition I demoed my trusty Fido hiptop, while trying to remember all the hand signals I learned in the studio TV class I took at film school. After that I was interviewed by Call for Help co-host Amber MacArthur before her colleague Andy Walker stepped up to be interviewed by me.

I was told up front that there are other folks being considered to host this new show, but hey—even if I end up not getting the gig this was honestly one of the most pleasant audition experiences I’ve ever had.

… And I ain’t just saying that because they’re reading this site!


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4 Responses to Here’s Hoping…

  1. Tracey says:

    Hi, Gadget Boy

    Whew! I am relieved to hear that your are well and that you were treated with such respect at your screen test. Keeping fingers crossed for you…

  2. Lord Wat says:

    Hey, butt cancer ain’t nuthin’ to joke about!

  3. Ed Miller says:

    Good luck with this one –it would be a pretty cool gig.
    Now if only someone like yourself or Albert Howell could audition and replace the smiling androids in the Body Break PSAs……


  4. chris rockwell says:

    Wow what a cool gig… wished we still had the old screen savers in the states 😦

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