It’s War


This past week the Motion Picture Association of America managed to shutdown LokiTorrent, the second-most popular BitTorrent directory on the internet.

If you didn’t know, BitTorrent is a software product designed for sharing large files like movies and TV shows across the internet. Unlike your traditional P2P system, BitTorrents are relayed across the network, so that everyone downloading a particular file is uploading to someone else at the same time.

And big surprise, movie studios and TV networks hate BitTorrents.

The TV nets really have no argument here—their programming has already been paid for by advertising. And how can you say that BitTorrents are hurting sales of Seinfeld and Simpsons boxed DVD sets when those very same episodes are still aired on broadcast television three to five times a day?

But the behaviour of the MPAA is much more troubling. Instead of seeing an opportunity for a new model of movie distribution they’re reacting in the same knee-jerk fashion as the RIAA—that is, “what we don’t understand, we crush”.

In time, this will become only a footnote in our digital history. Soon enough, Apple Computer will announce the iMovie Video Store, or some other legal means of delivering video content to computer (and video iPod?) users. But the bad blood between Hollywood and its audience will hopefully not be forgotten.

In fact, I propose a class-action suit against the MPAA for wasting our valuable time and money with shit movies…

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?

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