Lady Luck gave me a nice 1-2 kick in the nuts this past week… First I heard that I didn’t get the hosting gig for that new TechTV show, then only a day later, got word that the Bermuda Film Festival passed on the short film I made down there last fall.

So what’s with the gorilla?

Well, my buddy Ray Deonandan recently landed a full-time University position, and like most high school grads who backpack across Europe before they start college, he’s flying to London and Paris… But then on to Uganda!

And guess who’s coming with?

The friend he’s staying with in Kampala apparently has ample room for additional guests, and the way-in-advance ticket I got from British Airways didn’t cost much more than a flight to Bermuda plus scooter would have.

And though I’ll be tempted to make a pilgrimage to Rwanda, I’ll happily settle for some gorillas in the mist.

By Andrew

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