Man with Megaphone: NHL


Find out what this Canadian thinks of the cancelled NHL season

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2 responses to “Man with Megaphone: NHL”

  1. I have to say that I think I disagree with you on most of this Andrew. First and foremost I think and athlete being a bad pitchman is not a bad thing necessarily. Sure advertisers may try and get them to do it, but just because they’re bad at it doesn’t really matter. What matters is there ability to play the sport, after all that’s what they’re paid to do.

    I also think your generalization of a hockey fan is way off. I too was the nerd that hated sports when I grew up, I still don’t really like them now. The thing is I can see why people do like sports; it’s a way to enjoy the drama of something real happening with unsure consequences.

    I like you could care less about the strike; I do think it’s a bunch of people just trying to get every last dollar out of peoples pockets. You want to solve the “who” gets the money problem and keep all your fans, lower the price of the tickets. I believe this is what you meant at the end.

    Just giving my two cents. However for a cooler effect pretend that I’m yelling this through a megaphone too.

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