Hack or Hick?


Yesterday I got this secret email from Fido announcing the forthcoming availability of the hiptop 2—the very same device owned by no-talent Paris Hilton, and compromised by someone who hacked into her T-Mobile database.

Am I worried that my own personal data won’t be safe? Hell, no! First of all, the hiptop itself is relatively hack-proof, provided that you lock it down with a passkey. It’s T-Mobile that’s clearly to blame here, as their web servers have been infiltrated before.

And I could be wrong, but I somehow don’t think that anyone would be all that interested in seeing candid topless photos of me…



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4 responses to “Hack or Hick?”

  1. AC:

    But if someone did hack your PDA, wouldn’t they have Albert W. Howell’s phone number?
    Actually, I did feel sorry for those celebs whose phone numbers were hacked, but, on more thought, I realized if someone were stupid enough to give Paris Hilton a real phone number….


  2. Hey Dude

    I am very excited about HT2 . I think I will be upgrading. Will you be getting the hiptop 2???


  3. Hey Mikey,

    You know it! I think Fido Customer Service opens at 8:30am on March 8th, the rumoured release date for the ht2. I’ll race ya for the first new unit…


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