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Sad but true, I spend over an hour on the web each morning—checking friends’ blogs, reading news and discussion boards… But one of my selfish, guilty pleasures is checking in daily with FARK.com

The news stories collected there are amusing enough, but what really gets my mouse wheel scrolling are the Photoshop challenges, where contributors are asked to work their digital magic on random photos.

Two recurring themes in the submissions are both pictured above—the infamous “GET A BRAIN!!! MORANS!!” protestor and Admiral Ackbar from the original Star Wars trilogy, credited with possibly the most redundant line of dialogue in movie history.

To see what Farkers are Photoshopping, go to FARK.com and look for an entry with the “Photoshop” icon next to it, and make sure to click on the comments for that particular entry. It’ll be well worth it, for a cheap laugh at least!


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