File this one under “misery loves company”, I guess…

Since Sunday evening I’ve been without data on my precious hiptop, and I’m not alone—hiptop users around the world are still dealing with an as-yet unexplained technical issue on Danger‘s servers.

You’ll remember from my first post on the subject that the Danger servers are where hiptop users’ personal data is backed up. Because of the persistent connection between the two, no servers equals no data on my hiptop!

And yet, this four-day outage didn’t stop me from ringing up Fido first thing Tuesday morning and ordering a new hiptop2. That’s just how good I think the hiptop is—even when it doesn’t work, I still want one!

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By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. AC:
    Overall, how do you rate having a hiptop versus a separate cell phone and PDA? Are the shortcomings worth the features (when they do work)?


  2. Uh huh. Data’s looking fine over here in Treoville, with or without a server. Uh huh uh huh.

  3. Ed,

    The biggest advantage of a converged device is the ability to dial directly from your phone book. Second is the ability to send email from it.

    The good news is that you can accomplish both of these (to a limited extent) with a late model cell phone—Mac-friendly solutions include Sony Ericsson Bluetooth phones and the Motorola/iTunes ROKR, rumoured to be announced tomorrow.

    Syncing a Treo with OS X is a pain in the ass, and despite Lord Wat’s gloating, Treos crash… A =lot=.

  4. Some follow-ups…

    The Fido/hiptop server(s) were back up as of 2:30AM this morning, and I woke up long enough to the satisfied grunt of my hiptop vibrating after successfully re-downloading my info at 5:30 or so.

    Also, the Motorola/iTunes cell phone is apparently MIA:

  5. This is in reply to the treo guy. Yes the treo is a wonderful device, and it works really good, but lets compare, I paid $280 american for my sidekick 2 and pay an addition $20.00 american a month for the data service. How much do you pay? I worked for a software company where the company used treo’s with sprint service. The difference, I had much more functionality. First off, I have a full, usable keyboard. I can thumb on the sidekick keyboard relatively quickly (i’d almost go as far to say 50-60% of full on a good day), second, (as AC has already said) I can send email FROM my sidekick. In fact, not only can I send email, I can chat on two different networks almost out of the box (Yahoo requires skII users download through catalog for free), surf a FULL interent , and best of all I CAN SSH INTO MY SERVERS. I have a webserver and I can ssh right into it, virtually control it as though I was in front of it.

    There was a time I considered switching to a treo, but I decided no matter how buggy, the SK still kicks the pants of a treo. I have owned three so far, and will buy more in the future.

    Thanks (BTW) to AC for signing my online petition. Thanks to people like you we are up to 85 and growing. .

    Catch you all on the flipside

    Alexandros (greektux)

  6. Hi, i am considering getting a hiptop2 from Fido.. besides the convergent use, i want to be able to connect with my staff at store with AOL/Yahoo or even MSN.. at the same time, i want to be able to load the webcam that i have at store..

    My question for the more accomplished hiptop2 users out there is whether

    1) is the browser is adequate for what it is; can browse most websites, do searches, etc ?

    2) can any of u see this ?

    3) can u guys see or have seen streaming type of webcam working on the browser/hiptop2/GPRS ?

    4) can i a AOL (chatting) and talking on the phone (voice GSM) at the same time ?

    Thanks in advance
    Little Scientist

  7. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for entrusting me with your questions… My best attempt to answer them are as follows:

    1) There are some issues with javascript and the browser, as well as pages with frames; otherwise it’s fine.

    2) That JPG shows up fine on my hiptop. The page doesn’t refresh, though (see next answer).

    3) You might have to refresh the page manually, but there’s no reason why it couldn’t work unless extensive javascript is involved.

    4) Unfortunately no. The GSM and GPRS radios are one and the same, so you can do one or the other, but not both. One good thing is that you’re automatically reconnected to AIM after you end a voice call!

    Hope that helps…

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