Born to be Mild!


So the Bermuda Film Festival starts today, and like any jilted lover, the best I can say is that I wish them well.

But really, why should I limit my genius to a tiny island in the mid-Atlantic? Here’s an internet-friendly QuickTime cut of the film just for you, wherever you are! Click here or on the photo above to begin your 12MB download…


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3 responses to “Born to be Mild!”

  1. Just got time to download and check it out, for some reason I couldn’t stop laughing at the pink shorts. The rest of the movie was great, but the pink shorts just wouldn’t let me go.

  2. Hey Chris,

    Glad you liked ‘em. Those shorts are de rigeur for Bermuda, but actually didn’t make me laugh so much—maybe ‘cause they cost me eighty buck US!

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