Stop the Seal Hunt


As a kid I remember watching ads on TV (usually around dinnertime) exposing the brutal slaughter of seal pups each spring. I thought Greenpeace et al had taken care of things, but apparently it’s still going on—in fact, the 2005 “hunt” starts today, and because of growing government subsidies could turn out to be the biggest ever!

So what can you do? Well, for a start, just click on the image above or this link to join some 70,000 others in a petition that will be sent to Parliament.


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7 Responses to Stop the Seal Hunt

  1. Lord Wat says:

    Ever notice how much a baby seal looks like a Barbapapa?

  2. Yeah, but not so much when they’re all bloody and gutted…

  3. Lord Wat says:

    I missed that episode.

  4. lmfao says:

    u ppl dont get it the seal hunt is a way of life for millions, we dont all live in rich areas with fancy homes some of us live in poverty stricken areas where seal hunting is a way of life, some ppl live off the lanf because they have been forgotten by the governement and unemployment is through the roof, u ppl nvr seem to realize that side oh its crule this and that ye, it wont be scruel when a hundred thoughsand newfoundlanders go hungry for winter and can support ehir families

  5. You make a valid point, but I bet we’d all take you a lot more seriously if you didn’t post as an acronym that stands for “laughing my f**king ass off”.

    And so, from here on in comments will be moderated and require a valid email address. Spell-checking couldn’t hurt either…

  6. barry says:

    Somebody asked how much was the seal industry worth. The response was,16 to 20 million.I bet the seal industry is worth tens of millions more,16 to 20 million for the seal hunters and tens of millions more for the animal rights people.The people behind the protests are the last people that want the hunt to end because they would loose a lot of funding.their pay checks.

  7. Striker says:

    You need the facts before you can start condemning something that you’ve never been close to. These animal rights activists show up in Newfoundland every year with the same arguments. “They kill little, white, baby seals” and “all they want is the pelts” and “they are beaten to death”. The fact of the matter is that they havn’t been killing “whitecoats” since the 80s and that over 80 pecent are killed by bullet now. The “clubbing” of seals, scientifically speaking is quite humane. It is instant and painless.

    These facts don’t mean much to these activists who dig up outdated photos of baby seals every year and get their stupid celebrities to sit next to the baby seals on the ice for a publicity stunt. Then they get on TV or on the radio to start prattling on about all the inhumanity and injustice being done and how us Newfoundlanders are “barbaric”. I’m tired of it and I am sick of listening to lies and propoganda all the time. If you are going to protest, get the facts right first.

    I understand that there are a lot of people out there that are against any kind of hunting whatsoever. Also there are a lot of people that will see pictures of the seal hunt. Try to keep in mind that the reason it looks so bad is the massive contrast of red on white. You don’t get to see the inside of a slaughterhouse and all the cattle that are killed, so it doesn’t show up on the radar so much. Just try to understand that it’s been a way of life in Newfoundland for more than a hundred years and it brings in a good percentage of the income for a lot of families who would be very hard off if not for the annual seal hunt.

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