hiptop or Laptop?


Somehow I’ve managed to squeeze six days worth of changes into one duffel bag (and one gay backpack—see previous post). I couldn’t have done it without leaving my beloved Powerbook behind.

This is actually the first time I’m going overseas without a laptop—since I’ve had one, anyway—and it’s really only because there won’t be a high speed internet connection where I’m staying. Still, it will prove to be the biggest test ever for my Fido hiptop and the Danger data servers. I’ve got all my calendar, contact and confirmation info stored on the little critter, and if it crashes on me… Well, it won’t be a total disaster, but I’ll be plenty pissed off.

The photo above, by the way, is a record of a brief moment when yours truly had three hiptops in his possession, due to somebody’s screw-up at Fido. Unfortunately, I did have to send the other two back…


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2 responses to “hiptop or Laptop?”

  1. Doesn’t taking a picture of your fragile electronic equipment sitting on your stovetop violate the warranty?

  2. No, but it did seem appropriate for such a HOT/CHAUD device, bwa-ha-ha!


    BTW, I’m at the airport using one of these Bell internet kiosks. The keys are so greasy… Ewwww!

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