Flight of the Pukers

Hello from from the Heathrow Express, just pulling out of Terminal 4 bound for London central…

I managed to get a bit of sleep on my overseas flight last night, but woke up to an eight-year old kid directly behind me, retching. Although we left Toronto ahead of schedule, we ended up landing late, and had to board a bus to get to the Terminal building. On that very bus, another kid directly in front of me told her mommy that she was gonna throw up, and as her face went green I cleared my shoes as best I could from the projected path of her possible vomitus.

I’m hoping this outbreak was a result of the turbulence, and not some airborne disease making its way round the cabin. I feel kinda queasy too all of a sudden, but it’s probably ‘cause I just popped another malaria pill…


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3 Responses to Flight of the Pukers

  1. Tracey says:

    Hi, Gadget Boy

    Sorry to hear about the in-flight/in-shuttle pukerama.

    Hope the rest of the trip is fantastic and free of splatter, you jet-setter!

  2. If you could’ve seen me earlier this afternoon, unshowered and lugging a hideous backpack around Carnaby Street, you wouldn’t be very impressed… Nobody else was, either!

    Hmmm… All this barf talk reminds me of that time you were forced to eat the egg salad that was sitting under my brother and sister-in-law’s rear window on the way home from the cottage one hot summer’s day :->

  3. Tracey says:

    It was actually a quiche, but let’s stay in the present, shall we…?

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