Part four in a continuing series of photos from my Ugandan adventure…

Having secured our Bwindi Park permits for my birthday, Ray and I had another day to fill before Sean’s arrival. We chose to visit Jinja and the surrounding area.


To get there we had to make our way to the taxi park in downtown Kampala. Taxis in Uganda are a little different from their first-world counterparts—as many as fourteen people cram into these little vans, which head off in a particular direction making stops along the way. And the taxis don’t leave until completely full—Ray and I offered to buy up some empty seats on ours to expedite our departure, yet we still left with every seat taken.


Yours truly at the source of the Nile.


Nile tilapia, a local delicacy—the fish is fried up and served whole, making for a bit of a challenging meal. I found out later that I was supposed to crack the head off and suck out the brains… Um, no thanks.


For our journey back to Kampala Ray and I decided to splurge on a more spacious coaster bus, which as you can see was still fairly cramped.


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