What the F**k?

Those of you who’ve mastered the scroll-wheel on your mouse and/or the page-down button on your keyboard already know the horrible truth—there’s advertising on my site!

I once entertained the notion of accepting donations for my blog. Now, for the next couple of weeks at least, I’m gonna see if the otherwise unused real estate on my sidebar brings in any extra revenue—all you have to do is either complain via comment below, or click on anything that might possibly be of interest to you. The fine folks at Google have assured me that you won’t be sent in the direction of any naked Russian teens with mortgage refinancing info. Sorry.

I guess if I was really serious about this I could sell paid memberships with premium content, à la Salon. I’m just not sure if I have the guts to become a full-time blogger yet. Maybe someday…


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2 responses to “What the F**k?”

  1. AC:

    Actually, I’ve never scrolled down that far –I check your blog at least a couple of times a week, and I’ve never had to go that far back.
    At least you don’t have popups telling me my computer could explode at any moment or that I can get free screensavers….


  2. Oh– this is blogging. I’ve heard of blogging. I like it. Did you need this comment?

    Thought so.


    p.s. Your Uganda expedition was delightful, Andrew. Thanks.

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