My Window on the World


…. Or, more specifically, the big bay window at The Centre for the Arts, where I’m rehearsing for the Fringe.

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. AC:

    It’s such a nice view that you don’t even notice the smog. Bet you spent half your time watching the fire trucks, though, huh?


  2. Ah, what a keen eye you have… But can you figure out which Toronto Fire Station I’m looking out over, and which direction I’m facing?

    (Hint: There’s a famous Toronto landmark in the top-right corner of the photo…)

  3. AC:

    Well, given that I can see the House That Moses Built, uh, CHUM-City, I’m guessing that’s the old Toronto FD Firehall #1. I’m not up to speed on what they’re calling it in the new City of Toronto (Firehall 300 something if they’re sticking to the plan I read in the Star a long time ago), so you can disqualify me on the basis of being out-of-date….

    Watched Emergency! too much as a child

  4. AC:
    Ooops –forgot part 2 of your question. You’re facing north across King St.


  5. Ed, so close!!!

    I’m facing north across Adelaide, actually… But if there was a prize to be had here rest assured, it would be all yours…

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