This Week in Currie

If I wasn’t eating, sleeping and breathing rehearsals I’d have something else to talk about…

Two notable events to remind you about: If you’ve got an invite or sixty bucks burning a hole in your pocket you can see the videos I produced with hosts Melody Johnson and Rick Roberts for the 26th Dora Mavor Moore Awards at the Winter Garden tomorrow night.

And a more affordable night out can be had this coming Wednesday at the The Cadillac Lounge, where music from The Fringe Show I’m in will indeed be performed live by two rock bands. The fun starts at 10pm… Tell your friends!


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  1. AC:

    The videos went over really well with the Dora crowd, and the biggest laughs were from those moments where prominent theatre folk poked fun at themselves. I have the reactions on tape, if you’re interested….


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