Careful What You Wish For


Big-ups to Marc Hickox for making last night’s Cadillac Lounge Concert possible, and thanks to all my friends (Al) who showed up for the event.

Since our two bands had a repertoire of only three or four songs each, Karaoke filled out the rest of the evening. It was fun and all, but yours truly couldn’t help staring longingly at his drum kit, wishing he could play some more.

Well I got what I wished for, and then some… While waiting on stage for our lead singer and bassist to finish his steak at the bar, guitarist Dave Young and I started riffing on the Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil. Some dude from the audience politely asked to join us, and revealed himself to be a monster bass player, funkin’ up the room with his Bootsy Collins-style licks.

I managed to keep up, but barely!


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