Turn it Down!


You wouldn’t know it if you saw the show, but there’s a war being waged behind the scenes of Lust’s Labour’s Lost, and it’s all about my drums.

On on side are the theatre folks, arguing that our show should give the appearance of a live rock ‘n’ roll event, but without the volume. On the other side are the die-hard rockers, whose mantra all along has been “turn it up!”.

I find myself flip-flopping between the two arguments. On opening night I sided with theatre, and dampened my drums to a dull “thud” with tape and—if you can believe it—maxi pads. After that very show I got an unexpected pat on the back from none other than Tyler Stewart, the drummer for Barenaked Ladies, who had this to say to Fringe-goers who found the music too loud: “Fuck ‘em… It’s a rock ‘n’ roll show!”

Our director will be checking in on tonight’s performance; though rock has prevailed over the last three shows, I have a feeling that after tonight the maxi pads will be back…


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One response to “Turn it Down!”

  1. AC:

    If the amps go to 11, then the drums should be allowed to bleed sound all over the place.

    Nigel Tufnel
    Squatney, UK

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