Being the internet bigwig that I am, I got a sneak preview of OpenAlpha.tv, a new gaming/tech show being launched on the ‘net tomorrow by Jenn Cutter.

Ms. Cutter is but one example of a new movement called IPTV. All over the world, people fed up with the crap on their idiot boxes are doing something about it.

And I say bring it on!


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8 Responses to IPTV

  1. Michelle Bailey says:

    IPTV eh? So now I’ll only have to look at one screen instead of two!! Mein Gott, ain’t technology something?

  2. Ed Miller says:


    There’s a lot of interest in this in Europe. It could be one way to break up US domination of the entertainment industry and get local folks more exposure across their own countries.

    Oh, wait –Microsoft’s pouring the cash into IPTV. It was a nice idea while it lasted….


  3. Here’s a link to another IPTV show that Ms. Cutter has lent her hand to; it’s called “commandN”, and is produced by Mike Lazazzera and Amber MacArthur of G4techTV’s “Call for Help”:


    And here’s a link that will subscribe you to commandN from directly within the latest version of iTunes:




  4. Jenn says:

    Thanks for the plug, AC!

    However, I need to set the record straight about CommandN: The only way I lent my hand to them was during some takes in ep4 where I held a microphone that ended up not being used. Brian, the man behind the camera, and I were talking before I started my show and they were all super-cool and let me come out to a shoot to see how they put it together. Next episode I hope to actually apply what I learned from them ^_^

  5. Nonetheless, Ms. Cutter’s show is at the moment one of only six tech shows on the entire internet, at least according to this list:


    … So Jenn, how much you selling ad time for?

  6. Jenn says:

    Ad time? That’ll be the day. I’m still stunned be the response the show has gotten and the next episode should be ready tomorrow or Thursday.

    AC, how did you come across that link? Do you follow digg.com?

  7. Aaron Keogh says:

    What is the best e-mail to send an e-mai to about our IPTV Technology press release?

    Aaron Keogh: Matrixstream IPTV Technology

    Tel: 604-291-7727

    Website: http://www.matrixstream.com

  8. First, prove to me that you actually read my entry and aren’t spamming my comments, then tell everyone here how your product actually relates to video content delivered through iTunes…

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