Fear Mongering


Jeers to Kevin Newman and co. for their fear mongering on Global National News the other night. Sensationalizing a forgotten knapsack in our nation’s capital only gives the accusations of their hidden agenda a little more validity.

Meanwhile, xenophobia is at a fever pitch south of the border. You’ll notice in that same story that a United Airlines flight from Los Angeles to London was forced to land before leaving the continent. Apparently three Pakistani men were taken into custody after passengers complained that they were “moving around in the cabin”. Or in other words, stretching you legs is now an arrestable offence!

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?

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  1. AC:
    Global seems in love with the idea of blowing up Canada. Last night, the news at 5:30 (I watched without sound at the gym) led with the bomb scare on the subway and devoted 10 minutes to what was clearly a hoax –how many suicide bombers worldwide call in a threat? yet Global had a guy at Sherbourne station asking people about it even though most hadn’t heard the news and were in no way affected by it.
    I think they must have disaster envy or something.


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