IM rulz!

image caused a bit of an online ruckus this week with a piece announcing the beginning of the end for email. It seems that amongst the younger generation instant messaging is the mode of choice for communicating online.

Call me a cyber-fuddy-duddy, but I find IM to be a more bit intrusive than passive technologies like email and text messaging. When someone wants to chat with me I feel compelled to drop whatever else I’m doing and reply. Perhaps if I were tied to a desktop computer all day I would welcome the distraction, but for us untethered free and breezy wireless types, instant messaging doesn’t make much sense.

Still, I believe that children are our future, and in that spirit I’ve listed my AIM handle somewhere on this site—if you can find it then holla at yr boy!

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. “There’s no emoticon to express what I’m feeling”

    I remember back in my day, we never heard tell of this ‘email’. BBS and message boards were good enough for us.

    On a related note: we live in an age where the written english language is going the way of the dodo, what with the advent of “OMG, LOL”….and a plethora of emoticons that I must admit, I’m guilty of using more often than not. Sigh…

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