A Trip Too Far?


I had it coming I guess, but it still sucks.

After checking into my hotel here in Lima I walked up Plaza de Armes, or Plaza Mayor—whatever you want to call it it’s documented here at Fodor’s Online. I checked out the Catedral, bought some postcards and then, feeling pretty cocky, walked across the bridge pictured above and into the bad part of town.

I only did it to see if I could find the bullfighting stadium that was supposedly right on the other side, but didn’t get more than a block before my camera was yanked right off my shoulder, using a tactic I had actually read about but still caught me off guard. It went down like this: Some punk-ass kid whacked me on the back, and as I turned around to face him his friend swooped in from the other side and broke my camera’s shoulder strap with one deft pull. The pair of them ran off and that was that.

Even if my home insurance covered the loss it’d barely be worth the deductible to have my camera replaced. At least I still have my video camera, hiptop and laptop—we’ll see how long those last…

It’s especially odd that only two blocks away stood a battalion of police officers decked out in riot gear. And of course none of them spoke English. And I found out back at the hotel that the reason they were assembled in the first place is because just today the Prime Minister of Peru resigned and the President has fired the rest of his government.

Suddenly my flight home next Tuesday night seems a long way off…

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. Hmmm Digital camera,Hip top phone,Digital Video Camera, and the latest model of the Macintosh lap top you sound like Santa Claus on a fresh Peruvian morning. Ahh…can you smell the aroma of a mugging. Say “NO” to Bling when you travel.

  2. I fully agree. Travel light. Axe the electronics and carry a flamethrower…show those little punks who’s boss.

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