Peru in Review: Museo de Oro


(After my Nikon was stolen my lowly hiptop stepped up and saved the day; unfortunately I couldn’t get any pictures off of it until I got back to Canada, so here they are…)

This is only the walkway to the main building; they don’t allow any photo-snapping of the actual exhibits.

Well, fakes or not I feel I made the right choice in visiting Lima’s most infamous exhibit. Even before I got to the gold there was an entire floor devoted to all things military—and I do mean all things. For example, there was an entire wall devoted to stirrups, another solely for buttons from tunics. Was Miguel Mujica Gallo obsessive-compulsive or what?

My favourite was the room devoted to the dress uniforms of various Generalissimos, along with the dueling pistolas given by other world leaders as gifts. And as for the gold, it was in the basement and honestly didn’t impress me as much as the buttons and stirrups.


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