You can have your crappy film festival; I’ve got Nintendogs!

Once again Nintendo proves that content is king… I’ve turned my back on the widescreen, web-enabled Sony Playstation Portable to join the tens of thousands of tween-age girls around the world in getting a taste of dog ownership, virtually. But don’t snicker too much; Nintendogs is currently the best-selling game in Canada, and I visited no less than four stores last weekend before finally finding a copy I could take home.

I don’t think I’ll be showing off this gaming phenomenon in public, though; Nintendogs are taught to sit, beg and roll-over using by voice command. And because my particular pet—a magnificent Siberian Husky, BTW—responds only to my specific voice, friends and loved ones can’t really interact with it, and must be content with watching me yell into my DS like an idiot.

None of this seems to matter, however, when my little pooch catches a Frisbee and brings it back to me, wagging its tail and putting its front paws right up against the screen. I thought at one point that my Nintendog had to be spayed, as she kept, er… Presenting. But it turned it she merely wanted to play, a good thing because otherwise I’d have to go out and buy the vet version of Trauma Center.

By Andrew

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  1. Oh my god. Tomagochis…I had one of those. The battery died before it did. I still felt guilty though….

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