Octogenerian Summit 2005


An official photo from this year’s meet-up at The Donway Seniors’ Residence. On the left, 94-year-old Alice Campbell, and on the right, my dear old mother, a sprightly 80. On the agenda for discussion were such
topics as “look at the beautiful sconces”, “the air conditioning is too cold” and “the Chinese”. Don’t ask.

Just down the hall it was movie night at the Donway, but whomever had started up the DVD for the crowded screening room hadn’t stuck around to press the play button—after hearing a loop of the same music about six times I realized that the audience was patiently watching a repeating title screen! I calmly stepped to the front of the room, and with a click of the appropriate remote became a hero for the day.

Sadly, this is the my biggest achievement in the film industry to date…

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. Hey AC,

    Except for a stint as a ski instructor in Banff, I really have spent the 16 years since graduation working in film. My wife works too, so I won’t take all the credit for our lavish Vancouver life, but all I can think about is “how do I get out of film”

  2. Hey Phil,

    Way to be modest and on-topic… 😉

    Sounds like you’ve got a nice career going out in the west end (of Canada), though… Congrats!

    PS, for anyone else reading this, Phil Katsikas is a fellow York U. Film School Alumnus… Go class of ‘89!

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