Way Overdue


Congrats to Tracey Hoyt for finally getting herself a new Mac. Her old iMac lasted her more than six years—in that same span I went through an iMac, iBook, Powerbook and three Power Macs myself!

Getting the files off her old machine proved to be a bit of a challenge; clicking through Apple’s pre-Linux Operating System was at first a fond trip down memory lane, but its limitations became quite apparent as I couldn’t get a CD burner to reliably work with it. I couldn’t use one of those old Zip Drives either, as Tracey’s Outlook Database alone weighed in well over the 100MB limit.

So what did I end up doing? Trade secret, I’m afraid—and just one of the many advantages of calling on CRAZY CURRIE’S COMPUTER REPAIR for all your computer repair needs. Sorry, no Windows…


By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. Oh, happy, happy day!

    I am very excited about my long-awaited ibook.

    I fear I’ll be up all night downloading music onto my free-with-purchase mini ipod!


    Thanks for all of your help, Andrew.

    You ROCK.


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