Anything but Amazing


If there’s any justice in this world, the latest Amazing Race will also be the last…

I was leery of the “Family Edition” moniker from the get-go, but thought at the very least that seeing a bunch of bratty kids whining for ice cream in the mountains of Tibet might be good for a laugh. Instead, the harrowing cab rides have been replaced by big-ass SUVs, and the exotic destinations are so far nothing more than Kampgrounds of America.

In Tuesday night’s premiere episode, many of the teams couldn’t even navigate an interstate highway in their own country. How am I supposed to root for any of these people?! Even for Americans, they’re idiots!


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4 Responses to Anything but Amazing

  1. Chris says:

    I have to say that I disagree, or at least I hold a little more hope for the show. I enjoyed the fact that they’re all idiots, that’s entertainment if you ask me. I see this episode as the one where they prove that their idiots and my hopes are that they end up going overseas and then the fun really happens. The group that’s watching it with me is betting on when the domestic violence will pop up its ugly head, I say episode 4.

  2. Albert Howell says:

    I loved amazing race until now. AR used to be exciting it seeing people jet set across the globe.

    All this ‘family’ version does is remind me of every crappy moment I spent in my parent’s station wagon.

    It was hard to keep track of people when the teams had two members. With four members I have no idea who’s who. And you know they can’t do anything too risky or send them anywhere too exotic because they have kids going along.

    It’s a Dr Phil travelling show. I bet anything one of these families ends up on his show.

    I will not be going out of my way to watch this lame show.

  3. Michelle Bailey says:

    If I want to see family feuds and screaming children…I’ll uh, go home for Christmas.

    Give me the Surreal Life any day. At least it doesn’t pretend to be anything BUT brain candy.

  4. Jesse says:

    Oh I agree I enjoyed the previous Amazing Races but they did poorly and argued, which didn’t get any better on the second episode.

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