Jeers to Sears

(A guest-post today courtesy of new condo owner Al Howell, who writes: “I needed to get some kind of vengeance against a huge corporation that has made me feel powerless. You don’t have to read it but if I can prevent just one person from buying a major appliance at Sears, I’ll feel better”….)

A cautionary tale about Sears:

I bought a Kenmore portable dishwasher from Sears over a month ago. They charged me $50 for ‘deluxe’ delivery which means they take it out of the box and cart all the crap away. I was told it would take 10 days to deliver it and on the day it would arrive between 7 am and 1 pm, a fairly large time window I thought. So I woke up at 7 am and waited until 2 pm when the guy finally arrived. He dropped off the dishwasher and headed out the door. When I asked him if he was going to take the packaging he replied we don’t do that with dishwashers because there’s too many loose parts. Besides not making any sense, his argument is especially ridiculous for a portable dishwasher since it is completely self contained. To be fair, when I called to complain the salesman said they would take off the $50 delivery charge.

Satisfied I tried my new dishwasher which immediately didn’t work. For some reason it wouldn’t drain the water. A call to Sears and another 10 day wait to get it fixed. And another 7 am to 1 pm wait. At least this guy arrived at 12:30. To which he informed me that he had never seen this model before. This is a Kenmore! At the very least would he have not read about it from the catalogue? Aren’t these guys supposed to know what kind of equipment they may be called on to fix? I was then told it needed a part and would take another ten days. Another call to the salesman and another $50 off the price. So I gritted my teeth and waited.

Well a different repair guy came today and informed me the first guy didn’t know what he was talking about, that the machine had to be taken to the shop because it wasn’t draining properly. He then demonstrated that fact by allowing the dishwasher to drain all over my kitchen floor at which point he looked at me vacantly and said ‘You got a towel?’.

Well I was back on the phone and the salesman was off today (lucky for him) so the repair guy started to take the dishwasher away when I said I didn’t care if he fixed it, I wanted it gone and my money back. With that statement he stopped and said he could only take it away for repair, somebody else had to pick it up if I was returning it. Back to the phone to get Sears to come get the dishwasher and they can’t tell me when that will be.

While I’m on the phone the repair guy leaves saying that Sears stands behind their products. Which made me feel so much better as I look at my floor covered in water and a sink full of dishes that I have to wash. The final little insult is that when I went back to the kitchen to mop up the water I see that the repair guy has left the dishwasher on its side on the floor, another shining moment for Sears service.

So after mopping and using two big bathroom towels to dry my floor, I’m staring at a broken washing machine that has been sitting in my apartment for over a month without ever washing a single dish. I’m wondering when Sears will bother to remove this piece of junk. Which gives me more time to sit here and write to you all about how no one in their right mind should by anything major from Sears, EVER!

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