It’s Hard to Say No

A quick career update: contrary to to old improv axiom “say yes and see what happens”, yours truly has turned down two work opportunities in about as many weeks.

I passed on the chance to be the drummer in the house for the new Rumoli Brothers talk show premiering at The Second City this month. From what I can tell it would have been a pretty easy gig, basically playing guests on then sitting back and watching the show for free. But when you factor in hauling my kit back and forth from my mom’s place, setting it up and striking it each week, the musical payoff wasn’t enough to justify the time commitment for me.

Then out of the blue I get an email from Second City in Chicago, asking if I’d be interested in a four-month contract doing a best-of revue at The Denver Center for Performing Arts. With 7 shows a week and Equity scale pay, it would have put me just a little worse off career-wise on my 40th birthday than my 30th, peforming my material on the Toronto mainstage in April of 1996… Sorry, Denver!

If this gig could have promised me just a little more money, a few less shows per week or a shorter contract I probably would have taken it. Instead, I’m sticking to my guns, still on the lookout for that first, big break as a director.


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  1. Robertson says:

    Hey Andrew,

    This is a really good treatment. I like the subject matter. Very interesting and excellent descriptive powers. I mean the entire blog. And you, I feel honoured to have been privy to that news on today”s before it was published. Hey, you know, we might be on to something there. Looking forward to working together. Been fun so far. And by the by, looking to pick your brain a bit more. Will be in touch, dog.

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