The Email Time Capsule


Forbes Magazine is, for some unknown reason, sponsoring what they’re calling an Email Time Capsule. Until November 30th, you can send a message to yourself to be delivered anywhere from one to twenty years in the future. Forbes have partnered with Yahoo! and another company to ensure triple redundancy for the message database… Just make sure the address that you choose for yourself will be still be around by the time your email gets delivered!

My message to my future self? “Stay the course, Currie… You’re doing super!”



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2 responses to “The Email Time Capsule”

  1. AC:

    I was going to send myself an e-mail saying that George W. Bush is an idiot, but I’d be afraid that in 2025 President Jenna Bush would bar me from entering the U.S….


  2. I think I’m going to send myself an e-mail telling me to start living in the real world and start reading Fortune Magazine in 20 years.

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