IKEA Toys Suck


It had to be said. This is supposed to be a tiger. I just don’t see it.


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  1. On the Ikea subject I thought I’d share a little something about what I do with my spare time. I like to go to Ikea and attempt to get kicked out. The rules are simple, you can’t do anything to damage anything or anything illegal. I’ve done all kinds of fun things from playing in the kids lands, pillow fights and taking a nap in one of the beds for about half an hour. The thing that inspired me in this post is that it remind me of one of my adventures at Ikea.
    I once went to Ikea and discovered that they had those stuffed horse heads on a stick that little kids ride. The cool thing is that right next to these horses was a doorway to the bed department. My mind clicked and next thing I knew I was sneaking these horse heads into some of the beds. Didn’t get in trouble and I’ve been back several times since.
    Just thought I’d share

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