iPod Anti-Consumerism


Thanks to faithful reader and commenter Ed Miller for hipping me to video activist Ben Simpson’s Smash My iPod site. The premise is simple, young Ben solicits donations which he puts towards everyone’s favourite Apple product, then proceeds to stomp on it in-store and videotape the results.

Now despite being an unabashed Apple fanboy and all, I’m heartened by the fact that our younger generations aren’t necessarily buying into that whole gadget fetish scene, especially around this time of year. Other sites in the “SmashMy” portal include SmashMyXbox and SmashMyPS3.

Kudos, Ben Simpson!


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One Response to iPod Anti-Consumerism

  1. Chris says:

    I’m not sure if I agree with this idea. I checked the page, but only a little, and from what I can see he takes money and breaks a perfectly good piece of electronics. Now sure it makes a statement but I’m sure the money could go to something better in this world. Even the I-Pod could go to better use, I’m sure there are plenty of kids in this world that would love one but won’t get one because there families can’t afford them.

    Make the statement but maybe find a better way to do it.

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