Not Everyone Loves a Parade


Unlike last year I didn’t have time yesterday to watch the Santa Claus parade pass by a mere two blocks from where I live. Instead, I was desperately trying to make my way uptown to deal with the cleanup from a flood in my mother’s basement earlier in the week.

The parade route pretty much cut me off from driving anywhere north or east. I slowly inched my way up to the University of Toronto campus; the impenetrable gridlock there forced me to side-step over to Spadina Avenue. I made it only a little farther north to Harbord Avenue, where I was more or less forced into turning around. I then raced down Spadina to Adelaide Street, and made good time until just past University Avenue, where I suddenly realized that the parade continued past Old City Hall down Yonge Street. I then grabbed a quick right on Bay Street, backtracked to University and finally made it to the QEW, where I caught The Don Valley Parkway north.

Net result: A road trip of eight effective city blocks took me over an hour to complete.


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  1. Ed Miller says:


    I forgot about the parade Sunday afternoon (about 3)when I agreed to hop in a car and go down to Silver Snail (my buddy’s addiction, not mine). It took us 2 detours and 20 minutes to get around not the parade but the aftermath as thousands of people headed east to the DVP or south to the Gardiner. Of course, the Christmas spirit was alive and well as drivers honked horns, drove into pedestrians, and screamed at each other in a moving expression of goodwill and fellowship….

    Ed Miller

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