Flu Shot 2005


…. Still time to get yours!

I have to say, I’m pretty darned impressed with the efficiency of the staff at Metro Hall today. From the moment I snapped this photo it took a mere 12 minutes to fill out my form, wait in line and get jabbed.

Oh, and thanks too to Aurora Mobile Sign for the photo opp.



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2 responses to “Flu Shot 2005”

  1. AC:
    I’m going to the North York Centre clinic on Tuesday. I hope they’re as quick there as you found downtown.

    Toilet Duq Shizzlemah
    c/o Ed Miller

  2. AC:
    Just to confirm your experience, I was in and out of the North York clinic in under 20 minutes, with 15 of those minutes spent waiting to make sure I didn’t explode.

    Toilet Duq Shizzlemah

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