Would You Buy Software from This Man?


Now, batshit insane isn’t a term I throw around lightly, but I’m fairly confident that it applies here. Click on the photo above for some video of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at the podium. I’m not entirely sure what the message is here, but it may have something to do with developers…



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9 responses to “Would You Buy Software from This Man?”

  1. Ho-ley shit. In all my time working in the live-event/ conference content business (going on 6 months now) I have never seen something like that. My guess is that selling software buys a lot of coke.

    Ho-ley shit.


  2. AC:

    So what Mr. Batshit is saying is that developers make him sweat like a hooker in church?

    Just asking,

    Toilet Duq Shizzlemah

  3. Have you seen Surplus? There’s some other lovely footage of Steve-o, in addition to the fact that it’s a really well-crafted documentary.

    I guess when you sleep on a large pile of money, you can get away with being a large, bald, sweaty,over-the-top in-your-face freak. Only in America.

  4. Hey Michelle,

    ‘Surplus’ is in fact where I first saw video documentation of this madness… And I’ve got a DVD on order from the good folks at ATMO. Anybody wanna pirate—er, subsidize my purchase?

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