The Cat vs. Brian


Having spent the weekend directing Katie Bergin‘s short film The Cat vs. Brian, I’ve a pretty rough Monday ahead of me. This morning I have to fight rush-hour traffic on both sides of town to return rented production gear, then race back home to shower and shave for a 1pm audition which I’ll surely blow, if for no other reason than the huge bags under my eyes from three days of minimal sleep. Then I have to haul ass over to a paid corporate consulting gig, and hope to god they’ll still let me in when I show up half an hour late.

And yet, I carry no regrets about my lack of preparedness for today’s events. I spent my weekend in the company of seven very dedicated and talented people, and had an absolute blast even through a sixteen-hour day. Thanks to all for a great shoot!

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?

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