DVD à la LG


What a difference a year and half makes!

Two Aprils ago I was singing the praises of my new region-free Philips DVD player. This week it’s been replaced by the LG LRA-536 pictured above. Like the Philips player it has an easy region-free hack that can be executed from the remote; unlike the Philips it’s DivX certified—oh, and it also records to DVD.

Yeah, you heard me… With this DVD Recorder you can burn broadcast TV straight to disc. I’d been leery of this process even with my Rogers PVR, because recording a show in this way takes the signal from digital to analog to digital again. But truth told the quality is not all that bad, certainly better than (blech) VHS! Add the low cost of recording on 39¢ discs and the ability to make multiple identical copies on your ‘puter, and you start to see why these things are becoming so popular!


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3 Responses to DVD à la LG

  1. Greg says:

    I can’t get my LG LRA 750 to become region-free
    I’ve tried all the hacks for the other LRA series but none of them work. Pressing “0” 7 times does nothing.
    I’m gonna return mine.

  2. Hi Greg,

    Sorry to hear that, but a search at VideoHelp.com confirms your findings:


    LG LRA-750 – 0 user hacks
    No region hack for this player.

  3. Alex Ford says:

    Keep in mind that this recorder WILL NOT record everything on TV. It will not record pay-per-view movies or movies from premium channels like HBO or Starz!.

    This is due to the unit picking up copyright signals from these channels. Other (cheaper) DVD recorders don’t seem to care about this signal and will record anything.

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