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This morning’s Globe carries news that the Green Party of Canada are again being shut out of upcoming televised leadership debates, despite a 400% increase in votes between the 2000 and 2004 elections. Party leader Jim Harris makes the point that TV executives should not have any say in our democratic process, and I’m inclined to agree.

Do democracy a favour and sign the online petition. Looking ahead to what will likely be another Liberal minority government [yawn] I’m seriously considering voting Green myself, if for no other reason than to give ‘em access to more funding next time around…


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2 responses to “Green Party Petition”

  1. AC:

    I think the Greeners should be allowed to participate, as should any of the fringe party leaders, just to make things fun. I don’t plan on watching the debates this election simply because, as you said, we’re going to end up with a Liberal government, minorty or small majority. As an aside, have you noticed how Layton and Harper are ignoring each other? Another Andrew pointed out to me that the NDP and Tories need each other in order to split the soft Liberal support –fear of a Tory govt drives NDP votes to the Libs, and NDP votes siphon support from the Libs to allow Tories to win. I’m in St Paul’s, so I have the quirky Carolyn Bennett for the Libs and Peter Kent for the Tories. If Kent knocks on my door, I’m going to pretend to confuse him with his brother Arthur and ask him about scuds….

    Ed Miller

  2. Hey Ed,

    While I can’t really argue the Greens ‘fringe party’ status in Canada, other members of the international Green Party actually hold seats of power in Germany and the USA. Something to think about if you buy into that ‘global village’ thing…

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