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So I’m back on the road to Hamilton this weekend, for a two-night stand at the same crazy downtown Irish pub. I’ve found out its name, at least—Sláinte, pronounced Schlan-tay, either because it’s Gaelic or more likely because its patrons so drunk that every word they speak is slurred.

Anyway, if you’re in Hamilton this weekend and can tolerate a vast sea of frat boys and squealing girls, come up upstairs and check it out!

… Yeah, I didn’t think so.



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2 responses to “Hamilton Double-Header”

  1. Ooh ooh, I know this one. “Sláinte Mhathe” is a common Gaelic toast meaning “to your good health”. Mostly people would just say “Sláinte” as a shortened version. In Halifax people used to toast at bars with this, but over the years It’s morphed from being pronounced “Slan-chevah” to “Sociable”. Seriously, yell this out in a bar in Halifax and everyone will toast back at you.

    (This message brought to you by the East Coast Ex-Pat Society)

  2. “Sociable”, eh? That makes sense… Our band leader kept toasting the audience with that very word last time we were there—I just thought he was wasted!

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