Burlington Breakdown


So last night I offered to drive everyone home in the band’s van. I should have rescinded that offer when driver of said van was heard to say “Just start her off in second, then ease into third and everything should be fine…”

Needless to say, it wasn’t. Just past the turnoff to Niagara Falls the van’s transmission seized up, and three of us (plus one girlfriend—not mine) were marooned on the QEW.

Luckily, our lead guitarist had driven separately and doubled back to pick us up, though he got lost a couple of times along the way. And me, feeling bad for being at the helm of this highway disaster, eventually took the van owner back to the scene of the crime in my own car, so he could use my auto club card to save him a couple of bucks on a tow back to T.O.

And now after about three hours of sleep I’m off to a kids skating party, before I have to head back to Hamilton for another three sets of music.



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