Advice on Men from Hello Kitty


In advance of my departure for Tokyo tomorrow I’ve been harvesting links on Japanese culture. This one arrived in my inbox this morning—an interactive Hello Kitty questionnaire that will yield your ideal man.

Post your results below if you like. Apparently I’m into bad boys…?


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3 Responses to Advice on Men from Hello Kitty

  1. Lord Wat says:

    Looky looky, I’m into bad boys, too. Or, as Kitty says, “you are often attracted by the evil side of mankind.”


  2. Daniel Chun says:

    Bon Voyage !! AC, GSM phones doesn’t work in Japan and nor does canucks own berry…guess u will be quiet then.
    Enjoy ! Daniel

  3. Not to worry, Daniel… I’ve got that covered:

    Not as sweet as phone as those Japanese keitai but at least I can text from my own number!

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