And Now, a Message from Al Howell…


Since Al Howell doesn’t know how to upload a video to his own website (aww, so cute!) I’m happy to host this cautionary QuickTime movie for him.

Note that in so doing I’m not necessarily endorsing the scandal-ridden Liberal Party of Canada, either. If only there was some other choice…


By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. AC:

    Was that Albert singing? What a stirring rendition of what will surely become Canada’s next national anthem, once we get this “us versus them” thing out of our heads, of course. Then it will be free guns and booze for everyone!

    Ed Miller
    Ducking for cover in the brave new world

  2. Thanks, Andrew, for posting that. Harper scares the hell outta me. I was in Massachusetts on 9/11, and left the Mighty USA on Dec. 20/03; Harper would have us all totin’ guns and drinkin’ Bud (bleh), if he could. Funny how a former Reformer-turned-Tory suddenly starts talking about supporting social programs (EH?) when it’s election time. Oh well, I guess Monday night we’ll only confirm how totally stupid Canadians are at voting time.

  3. p.s. I’m NOT supporting the Liberals, either (which leaves only one logical alternative!).

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