DoCoMo Woes in Tokyo


LinLyn and I on the NEX from the airport, me a little punchy and her a little asleep after our thirteen-hour flight…

While the internet connection in my hotel room is rock solid, our pair of rented 3G handsets are a bit of mixed blessing. I’ve been able to text my buddy Kevin Hilditch who’s vacationing in Hong Kong with his wife, and I can access my voicemail back in Toronto. But even though our phones have advanced features like video conferencing, we can’t call each other and I can’t get on the mobile internet.

Maybe it’s for the best… I won’t be whipping out my phone too often on these crowded streets; compared to what the locals have it’s just too big and ugly!


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2 responses to “DoCoMo Woes in Tokyo”

  1. As supected.. the different signalling standard on roaming, internetwork msg, and J-standard on everything will bring complicities. I should have asked u for your HipTop2 as a loaner for me, in exchange for sending u to the airport, and for me to evaulate whether i should buy one. wiffy says no right now. Rgds, enjoy the j culture, the ultra mini bunk hotel would be nice to just try out.. hehe..

  2. Hey Daniel,

    What’s a wiffy?


    Actually, even without a functioning radio my hiptop is still usable here, mainly to play games while waiting for my missus to finish up with her shopping!

    And did you know that you can get a hiptop from Fido for a free 15-day trial and pay only for the airtime you use?

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